WP_20130313_005Finally my 3D printed brass mounting brackets have arrived after more than a month of waiting! The project goes on…One secures the digital components to the Nikkormat body and the other secures the EVF in place. I had these made at i.materialise in Belgium out of brass. They get gold plated by default so I feel like my ghetto camera hack has some gold teeth to match now.




The camera takes its first breaths. Proof that it lives! I know it still looks like crap but the looks will be the final stage. Unfortunately I somehow damaged the accessory port and the camera doesnt recognise the EVF :(  I have a backup 5N that was broken on ebay for parts, but the lcd output on the mainboard on that one doesnt work and the EVF does… cant believe it. Which means I have to find another 5N mainboard from a broken camera that works. Next stage is the transferring camera controls to the Nikkormat buttons.


Still waiting for my 3d printed parts to arrive… :(


May just use epoxy instead wherever else i need support/attachments in the camera, if its going to take this long. May not be as pretty but I dont want to stall the project much longer

Here’s the extension tube I designed for the Nikkornex to maintain the correct F mount flange focal distance to the sensor. It will likely have some tweaks as the exact depth hasn’t been measured yet. I designed it to take a standard 49mm filter inside it, to avoid using different sized filters for IR photography on different lenses


NikkorNex Extension Tube Assembly